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Listen in to the Podcasts of Prajesh and Tane in the Baskets of Knowledge series.

How to hitchhike, Do good with your career and get trapped in Peruvian mountains. Gavin Bishop

Growing up in a family that lived in a number of places around the world has shaped the values and principles of this week's guest. Our guest Gavin Bishop speaks to us about life living in all these different places, his motivation to study medicine and how the skills he has picked up as a hitchhiker has introduced him to some interesting people leading to all sorts of conversation.We also speak about Gavins' interest and passion for sharing his educational experiences through educational videos. Gavin also shares his strong passion around effective altruism, which focuses on using evidence and reason to figure out how to benefit others as much as possible, and taking action on that basis. This is a fantastic conversation with some great learning from lived experiences.

Breaking Free: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Pursuing Your Dreams with Rawiri Ratahi

Growing up in a world where limitations were determined by the perceived lack of capabilities, our guest this week got caught up in that mindset early on in his life. However, moving to another city and meeting people that were achieving things that he thought were out of his ability got him to rethink his mindset. This then set Rawiri on a path that has seen him complete an undergrad degree, then a Masters program and in the midst of all this he has managed to intertwine and really understand the superpower that learning Te Reo Maori and Tikanga Maori has. This episode is filled with amazing stories, amazing analogies and a fantastic array of real life experiences where limiting beliefs have been a barrier, but through belief and support those have been overcome. This is an episode you do not want to miss!


Conserving yourself and the planet with Michael Fox

Close your eyes for a second and try to imagine that the first flight that you take to leave New Zealand, the country you have always lived in, is Bolivia! And you then spend the next 7 weeks in the middle of the jungle caring for some of the worlds apex predators, this is what our guest this week speaks about. Before we even get to that adveture our guest Michael Fox talk about how caring for the environment has always been something he has been passionate about. This has led him to being involved in exciting research projects during his study that firmed up his goal on studying for a PhD. Along the way Michael talks to us about his other passion which is working with young people and how that has been a strong part of his life so far. As we explore this journey Michael leaves us with one of the most profound pieces of knowledge to put into our Baskets of Knowledge. Have a listen to find out what this awesome piece of knowledge it is.​

Making Happiness a Priority with Harry Averill.

Nothing about us without us Lauren DeWhirst

What does a super hero look like? Tane and Prajesh think that our guest this week is in a pretty strong place to be considered a superhero! Lauren speaks to us this week about how she has navigated life and study while balancing the curve balls Musculocontractural Ehlers Danlos Syndrome throws at her. Lauren calls herself "A small human with big dreams", and in this episode we touch on some of those dreams. We speak about the impact that she has made in advocating for students with a disability, she speaks about her passion for well being, her passion for being a community health worker, but more importantly on how she has not let her condition stop her from doing all the awesome things she has done. This is part 1 of conversation that you will not want to miss.

Walk With Kindness with Sophia Reid

Growing up being a super active team sport person Sophia had a plan to be involved in the fitness/sporting industry, a conversation with her dad changed things up for her slightly. This one conversation has led Sophia down a path that she would not have imagined. It has presented her with oppurtunities and learnings that she has embraced and taken on board. She has started to share these learnings on her podcast "Chapter24podcast". Find her podcast on Spotify and give her a follow on @chapter24podcast

Finding yourself in an isolated world with Catherine Lewis

Growing up in a religious family, this weeks guest spent her formative education years being homeschooled. This presented both pros and cons for her as a young person. One of the key growths for her was her acute understanding of being aware. This awareness led her to challenge the religious dogma she grew up in, awareness on what really drove her as a person, awareness on how the path towards self destruction was not the life she wanted and finally awareness on taking on massive project at work that would accelerate her career growth. This episode has lots for everyone to learn from and relate to.

Caring for others, starts with caring for yourself with Abby Spronken

At the age of ten Abby had already written out her business card. It had her name, and her title as she was inspired by her mother who is a leader in her field of study. As she started to realise this aspiration, Abby discovered another part of her. The power of helping young people as they go through the highs and lows of University. This is a great chat where Abby speaks about learning to look after herself before she could really look after others.

How your experiences shape you with Lachlan Fleming

Growing up on a farm our guest today has had to go through a number of life changes where he has been pushed out of his comfort zone. This started from leaving a tiny school in the country into an inner city urban school, followed up by leaving a very tight knit community to attend a University very far from his hometown, and a whole lot more! Our guest has used these changes to develop as a person and to realise that by engaging with all sorts of people he will experience immense growth. He also has an entrepreneurial spirit that sees him running two businesses. Check them out on and on Instagram @Np.thrift_

Chaos Theory is not all that bad with Ellen Dixon

What do you get when you are raised in a familiy where education and standing for the rights others is a core value? You get a person who tries to avoid that life, but life knows better and leads you down the pathway of being involved in education, in politics and being a voice for students around the country as well as representing those around the world. Our guest this week, Ellen Dixon, describes herself as a creative metatheorist (someone who corrects incorrect or imbalanced social science theories) and has been elected in some amazing roles both nationally and internationally. However, at the end the day she is a fantastic human with an amazing story to tell.

IV lines and university times with Sam Grainger

Growing up in the small town of Fielding in the Manawatu and having parents what had never been to University Sam always had a passion and drive to enter the health care profession.This was clearly apparent when at school students were asked to bring in their favourite book/reading they had done as a year 9 and Sam brought in a book that details a very specific health process, whilst his peers brough in books like Harry Potter etc. This focus did not waiver when Sam did not get into Medical School after Health Science First Year, instead it allowed Sam to focus on other areas of interest. When he did get into Medical School a number of corridor conversations allowed him to explore various oppurtunities that have given him a skill set that is pretty special. Please enjoy listening to this episode with Dr Sam Grainger.

Your life, your dreams and you can control it with Rory Maxwell

Growing up as young man in the Taranaki todays guest was very in tune from an early age with the values that drive him, and act as his northstar. He has used these values to help shape his interactions with his family and his friends. It has helped him decide what, why and where to study and most importantly it has been the basis on how he has chosen to start his career. Have a listen to find out what these values are and how Rory incorporates them into his daily life.

Taking risks and being brave with Nora Kwok

Growing up as a quiet, shy person this weeks guest has epitomised the title of this podcast. From taking a risk about what to study and where to study to having the one conversation that has changed her life. In the process she is now changing the lives of everyone that makes contact with her every week.

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