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Advancing your education 

Going on to further study is the pathway that some students choose.  If you are the first in your family to carry on to University study you might want a helping hand, and if you are unsure of what, where and how you should plan your University study then this programme is perfect for you.  Our University-Ready programme helps you to prepare for all that is ahead of you.  


You can access the coaching programme at your own pace & place. We recommend this programme for students in their senior years of High School as they plan to make their University choices; we are here to help.

University-Ready Programme Content

There are 20 self coaching units in the University-Ready program, these include: 


Where and what to study

The options are sometimes overwhelming, choosing your University and the course of study you will undertake is really important to get right.  Our modules on the selection process will help to guide you.


The importance of good habits

Once you are on your own your habits for self care, study and wellbeing will be critical to your success; our modules on time management and habit formation will help to reduce student anxiety.


Financial Wisdom

Since you are investing in your education it's important to understand what that investment is costing and how you will manage during and after your study.  Our financial management module will help to prepare for the years ahead.   We assist in scholarship applications and recommend this is identified in year 12 in NZ.