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We offer a range of programmes and support services to help students to develop, grow and prepare. Some of our options are self driven, some are public workshops and some are able to be offered in schools.  


For help to decide what is best for your student/family please feel free to email us at and book a free discovery call.

Click the titles to open up a full page of information on each of the services we provide.

Our programmes are designed to help at the different stages of a students journey, each programme supporting where they are at and the decisions that they are needing to make for their future.

These 4 programmes are available to schools where we have coaches available.

Job Ready: recommended for year 11-13 and onwards

Our Job Ready program takes students right through every element of applying for jobs, attending interviews and preparing to enter the workforce.  

University Ready: recommended for year 11-13

Our University Ready program is for senior students who are planing to attend a tertiary institution. It takes students right through the preparation process to ensure that they understand what is ahead of them and how to make the best of every opportunity.

Life Ready: recommended for year 9-13 (relaunching August 2023)

Our foundation programme provides support for personal awareness, understanding relationships and managing feelings and emotions.   We believe every student needs the Life Ready programme to provide a foundation to build the confidence for whatever comes into their future.

Study Ready: recommended for year 11-13 and onwards ( relaunching August 2023)

Our Study Ready program is for students who want to learn great study skills that will see them through their High School years and develop a good exam skill set.


We offer​ 4 psychometric profiling tools that we believe are excellent tools for self development.

1.  Extended DISC (recommended for years 12-13 students)

2.  The Strongs Interest Inventory (recommended for year 13 students)

3.  Clifton Strengths (recommended for year 11-13 students)

4.  SEIP  Social Emotional Intelligence Profile (recommended for graduates and adults)

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We offer​ a range of services to support students​ and give them the THRIVE advantage.

Curriculum Vitae


We provide a full CV service.  If students have an Extended DISC report then information from the report is able to be crafted into the students CV.   A completed CV will be available for use for job applications or scholarship applications.

Scholarship Application Service

We are able to assist students to find and apply for scholarships for University.  


1-1 Coaching

We have a team of coaching professionals who are able to offer 1-1 coaching support in various areas.  Zoom coaching sessions are always possible with any of our coaches; if you live in the same region as the coach you have chosen you may be able to meet face to face.


1-1 Counselling

We have 2 qualified Counsellors on our team. Please click their names to open up their profiles for more information. James Hutton and Sue Page  are available to provide​ counselling for all ages.



Our coaching team are available for in school presentations for assembly or other special occasions.  To find out about our in-school presentations please email

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