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  • M.Ed. Psych. (Stell)

  • P.G.C.E (Foundation Phase Teaching)

  • B.A. Hons (Psych)

  • B.Soc.Sci (UCT)


Julia McAllister

Julia is an experienced Educational Psychologist, and teacher having worked in a variety of settings in South Africa, Hong Kong, and more recently, in New Zealand. Julia has worked both in private practice, as well as in school-based settings. Julia is experienced in therapeutic counselling with children and adolescents, and has trained in Narrative therapy, Ego-state therapy, Play therapy, as well as trauma informed approached such as Somatic Experiencing®.


Julia is especially passionate about empowering students and young people, through strength-based approaches such as career counselling and study skills. She is a qualified MBTI® practitioner and is also an experienced assessor for concessions and accommodations with South Africa’s Independent Examination Board, and enjoys counselling students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and/or anxiety and helping them to feel empowered, to discover strengths and resilient in spite of their challenges. 


Julia also has extensive knowledge of a wide range of specialist topics including management and support for students and children with sensory processing difficulties, autistic spectrum tendencies, learning difficulties, neurologically based behavioural challenges such as ADHD, emotional difficulties such as severe anxiety and trauma. In addition to her skills and experience with therapeutic counselling, Julia is also a competent trainer, and offers a range of professional development training for teachers, parents, and students, and carers. Including for example her comprehensive Study Skills Workshop for High School Students. Julia is available for appointments after hours 5-7pm and or weekends 2-4pm Sat.

Online Services Offered:

  • Therapeutic Counselling for Adolescents

  • Career Counselling & Online assessment

  • Parenting advice and support

  • Subject Choice Guidance

  • Study Skills Support

  • Resilience Training/ Bullying Prevention

  • Friendships and social skills training & Counselling

  • Guidance for teacher’s and other professionals and/or therapists working with children


Individual Parent Coaching Sessions: 

(Parents can expect practical advice tailored to their child's unique needs)