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We want to help you to put your best foot forward and enter into the workforce with the best transition possible.  The Job-Ready programme will make sure that there are no surprises along the way because you will have been prepared for all the parts of entering the workforce.  You can access the coaching programme any time you feel like it over the 4 weeks you sign up.  

Job-Ready Program Content

There are 20 self coaching units in the Job-Ready program, these include: 


Finding Job Opportunities

We encourage students to have a proactive approach to job hunting and use networking to find opportunities that may not even have been advertised.  We coach in social media marketing and using family connections to help marketing your availability. 

Understanding your Interests

The amount of time we spend at work is significant and we don't just want students getting any job, we want them to find a job that actually gives them satisfaction and purpose.  In this module we help students to identify their interests and match these to job opportunities.


Understanding the Recruitment Process

From creating a CV to handling yourself through the interviews, we guide students as to what is good practice and what is not.  When you understand the process of recruitment it can take some of the stress out of the process of applying for jobs.

Workplace Guidelines

Students will encounter new terms that are particular to the workforce like performance appraisal, KPI, office politics and many more.  We give students advance knowledge as to what they can expect and explain work related terms.


Workplace Wellbeing

Unfortunately NZ is one of the worst countries in the world for workplace bullying and harassment. We will make sure that students understand their rights and know where to turn if things become difficult at work.

Get Job-Ready Today

Job-Ready Independent $55 

Access to the full programme including email support for 1 month. Students can do this alone or with a family member for support.

Job-Ready Coached $150

Access to the full programme including email support for 1 month  PLUS 1 hour of 1-1 coaching with one of our coaching team via phone/email or zoom.

CV Design $295

We will work with you to create a CV that reflects you and your capabilities professionally.

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