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InsideOUT Confidence Workshops

There is nothing more important than self worth and self respect.  This workshop is designed to focus on empowering students to believe in themselves, to have the courage to make choices for their future that they are worthy of and to help them understand the power of vulnerability and authenticity.


Every attendee will receive 3 professionally taken photographs by Lucy Hunter-Weston of Watermark Photography.  In a world of filtered social media images we want your girls to see themselves and accept themselves for who they are, both on the inside and the out.  Participants are invited to come to the workshops dressed comfortably as they choose.  

In a world where women are being judged on their appearance it's easy for young girls to pick up on this and become concerned with their projected image. Our goal is to help them appreciate themselves for who they are without having to filter themselves, or pose in compromising social media posts that could impact their future.






Self-talk is a crucial element in our self-esteem; it is important to ensure that we are speaking to ourselves with respect and being deliberate about speaking into our day in a positive and empowering way.  Participants will learn how to converse with themselves with possibility thinking.




It is very easy to fall into the comparison trap and feel less-than another person who you perceive to be more-than you are.  In this topic we will talk about celebrating your own journey, feeling fulfilled with what you have and who you are; and making authentic choices about your future that align with your own beliefs and values. Compare and despair will be challenged as we encourage participants to focus on their own journey and their own story.




These words are the power behind all that we do and all that we are.  They are the compass in our lives but often we have not intentionally defined them nor are we aware of how our daily choices are lining up with our Values and Beliefs.  Participants will see how having them front and centre in their life will help them to line up the decisions they make on a daily basis.


Knowing ourselves is so helpful, understanding our introversion and our extroversion and our leanings towards task orientation or people orientation helps to make decisions that will shape our lives.  Participants will learn the basics of DISC theory but will not be profiled during this session.  


Lucy Hunter-Weston will photograph each participant to capture their natural beauty and confidence.  Lucy is a professional photographer with a passion for wellbeing and supporting people in the place where they are at.  The photos on this page are taken by Lucy.


Lead facilitator Marina Shearer : Director of Thrive for Girls.

Marina wrote the InsideOUT Confidence workshop and has been delivering it for over 5 years.  Marina is a mother of 3 and has 30 years experience as a coach and facilitator.

Workshop Feedback 

It has given me tools to recognise how I'm feeling and how to help myself process things and give me starting points to talk to a trusted person. I really enjoyed the day.

Thanks so much, so much food for thought, hugely beneficial day to well-being.


Well done, absolutely loved today, thank you for allowing me to be a part of it all


​I really enjoyed it and felt like I was in a safe environment to share


Marina was great, good balance of 'in charge' but kept it friendly and intimate. Definitely comfortable with Lucy


Will definitely recommend to others


Very thought provoking, highlighted areas for me to work on. 

Given me new ideas and information to try and look further into. Helped me to learn and grow.

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