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Is this really necessary?

In a post Covid-19 world it is essential that everyone is using their talents wisely, marketing themselves effectively and confidently presenting themselves.  Our coaches are experienced and will share the kind of practical skills that are required for the journey outside of the school environment.

What if my daughter wants 1-1 help?

Private 1-1 coaching is available, your location will determined whether it is offered face to face or via zoom.  Contact us to let us know where you live and we can let you know how we can help.

What is coaching?

Coaching isn't counselling.   Counselling looks back and seeks to heal people by working through issues from their past. Coaching focuses on goals and growth in the future.  People can benefit from both counselling and coaching at the same time, but this is a coaching programme.  We are focused on students futures, jobs, careers, education and goals.

Is it 100% confidential?

Coaching is bound by confidentiality however as a parent we know how much you want to know what is going on in your daughters life.  Your daughters privacy is assured and we encourage students to share with their parents what we discuss with them.  The results of any profiles are made available to parents.

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